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hare is an idea competition organised by Movexum and Sandbacka Science Park in Gävleborg. The aim of the competition is to promote entrepreneurship and create publicity for growth and new businesses.

We want to encourage people to take the first step towards turning their ideas into reality, and the competition has attracted more than 1,100 submissions since it was first organised.

Jagharenidé.nu is running with the same concept and during the same period in Gävleborg as in Västernorrland arranged by BizMaker and in Dalarna arranged by Dalarna Science Park.

Competition process


The competition opens


Describe your idea by answering the questions in the competition form.


The jury assesses the entries


During the month of the competition, the jury reads all entries. All those handling the entries work under confidentiality.

The winners are announced!

MARCH 2023

Winners are announced and prizes awarded. Is your idea the winning entry?

2023 competition

Number of entries received 

How is my idea assessed?

How innovative is the idea?

Judged by the degree of innovation of the idea.Is the product, service or methodology something new that does not exist today? Is the idea a further development of something existing? Is there a new approach?

How sustainable is the idea?

Assessment of how well the idea takes responsibility for its impact on society from a social, economic or ecological perspective; how the idea satisfies people's needs today without compromising the opportunities of future generations.

Is there potential for the idea to grow?

Assessment of the potential of the product or service to grow in the market.

What value does the idea create for the user?

Assessment of the value and benefit a customer/user can get out of the idea. How does it benefit society, businesses or individuals? Does the idea meet present or future needs?

Are you ready to give your idea a chance?

Frequently asked questions and answers

When is the competition?

The competition runs from 1 to 28 February 2023.

Who can compete?

The competition is open to both individuals and companies. To compete, you must be at least 18 years old and live in Gävleborg.

How do I submit my idea?

By describing and submitting your idea via the competition form.

What can I win?

Three winners are awarded 15.000-50.000 SEK to develop their idea, e.g. product development, marketing, protection of the idea or design. 1st prize - worth 50.000 SEK, 2nd prize - worth 25.000 SEK and 3rd prize - worth 15.000 SEK. 

Can I submit more than one entry? 

Yes, you can submit as many unique entries as you like.

When can the profit be used?

The prize can be used from the time the winning entry is presented for up to 6 months.

Is there a risk of someone stealing my idea?

No. Your idea is safe with us. The people handling and evaluating your idea are subject to a confidentiality agreement.

Winner 2022


Angelica Smedberg's app helps women who are victims of violence

Sisterhood is a cloud-based app that allows women who are victims of violence to document what they experience in a safer way. Through the app, we are improving women's evidence and giving them a voice in court. Angelica won the award for best product in Gävleborg 2022.

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Competition manager Gävleborg

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Competition Manager

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The world needs new ideas to meet the challenges of our time. Movexum, Sandbacka Science Park, Propell and Gävle innovation hub are places where you can make your business idea a reality. is an idea competition funded by Region Gävleborg and the European Regional Development Fund.